Sunday, 22 May 2016

No Fast Ferry from Trinidad to Grenada for Spicemas 2016

Trinidad's Fast Ferry 'Paria Bullet' 
The following is a release issued by IMG Entertainment Company Ltd and Flavour D Mas regarding their annual Fast Ferry Service from Trinidad to Grenada for Spicemas 2016

May 20th, 2016: IMG Entertainment Company Ltd and Flavour D Mas wishes its Diehard Ferry to Grenada Spicemas supporters a Great 2016
It hurts to inform you that this year unfortunately, we will not be offering our annual Fast Ferry to and from Grenada as an option within our 2016 packages due to circumstances beyond our control.
However, for SpiceMas 2016 we do have available more high profile Parties and events .....
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Best Regards
IMG Entertainment Company Ltd & Flavour D Mas

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

ECCO and Grenada

April 18, 2016
Mr. Steve Etienne
General Manager

Dear Mr. Etienne,

On September 23rd, 2015 I wrote an email to you Licensing Agent here in Grenada. Linda Straker. That email prompted a response from ECCO in the form of a meeting to address concerns of the music fraternity here in Grenada and the operations of ECCO. You attended and essentially Chaired that meeting.

Steve Etienne - ECCO GM

I was able to get a wide cross-section of industry personnel to attend the meeting. Several promises were made at the meeting, including payments to ECCO members here in Grenada and the attempt to get local radio stations to pay for the use of music.

As a follow up to that meeting and the continued concerns of ECCO’s operations, I wrote to the Grenada Director of ECCO here in Grenada, Wayne Green, on March 06th, 2016. That letter prompted another visit by you to Grenada.

This time ECCO announced the signing of two radio stations. The press release about that signing stated that two radio stations had obtained ‘copyright clearance’. Upon further inquiries one was able to determine that the clearance referred to in the release meant that the two stations would not have to pay for the use of music for 12 months. Interestingly, one of the stations is now carrying an ECCO-produced weekly program, at no cost to ECCO.

During your visit ECCO arranged a ‘closed-door’ meeting with the local membership. Of the 37 local Artistes signed to ECCO less than ten attended the meeting.

Payments to Artistes remain a grave concern and even though ECCO collected $62,000EC in 2014 and $49,000EC in 2015, to date no Grenadian Artistes have received any payments from ECCO.

Let me reiterate the concerns, previously mentioned to your Director and Licensing Agent.    I.    Lack of Accountability
II.   Lack of PR
III   Lack of Membership
IV  The unprofessional approach by the representatives of ECCO

Interestingly, while your visit might have been made to counter, what your deemed one or two persons who don’t want to pay , the visit provided even more evidence of the what is wrong with the operations of ECCO here in Grenada.

Dexter Mitchell - Made in Grenada
Mr. Etienne, it is not one or two persons looking to make mischief. The entire future of what could be a very lucrative and dynamic industry is at stake here.  Grenada gave the world the phenomenon that is Soca Riddims and we also gave the world Jab Music. Our creativity is undisputed, what has plagued us is the principles of business that are needed to propel that creativity. 

The emergence of ECCO was a breath of fresh air to the local industry. However, the industry is now deflated because of the consistent list of concerns expressed about ECCO’s operations.

As promised in the letter to Mr. Green we will be seeking legal redress against ECCO if there is no improvement. That deadline is quickly approaching and to date we have seen nothing indicative of improvements.

Let me reiterate, Mr. Etienne, no one is against paying for the use of music, Artistes are anxious to collect what is due to them, what remains of concern is the operations of ECCO and its Agents.

There has to be more to Artistes not getting paid, than just a simple, ‘Artistes are not filling out their forms correctly’.

I remain hopeful that the issues are correctly addressed and those, to whom the benefits are due, can receive those benefits. We have to get it right even if it means the replacement of ECCO by another Collection Agency.

Dexter Mitchell

Monday, 18 April 2016

Upcoming Events for Spicemas 2016 & more

APRIL 2016

April 23rd, 2016: 'RELOADED' Soca vs Dancehall at LAOW's Bar
April 23rd, 2016: 'TASTY' A special ladies event at Club Galaxy
April 23rd, 2016: Star Light SOPHISTICATION' at the Pelican Terrace Fantazia 2001 Roof Top
April 27th, 2016: 'BREAK WAY' Wednesday's Rhum Runner I
April 29th - May 1st, 2016: Carriacou Maroon & String Band Festival
April 30th, 2016: BUCKET vs COOLER at Quarantine Point

MAY 2016

May 6th, 2016: MIDNIGHT BOUNCE II aboard Rhum Runner II
May 6th, 2016: 'INVICTUS at Benji Bay (Woburn)
May 7th, 2016: 'A NIGHT OF LOVE & CONSCIOUSNESS' at the National Stadium
May 8th, 2016: 'MASTERS OF CALYPSO at the Spice Basket
May 8th, 2016: The Opening of the 'REAL JAB JAB VILLAGE at Morne Delice
May 15th, 2016: 'UNCORKED Beer & Wine Fest at Quarantine Point

JUNE 2016

June 1st, 2016: Fantazia 2001 OLDIE GOLDIES Wednesday Night Cruise aboard Rhum Runner II
June 4th, 2016: SHORTLEG BIRTHDAY BASH - Venue TBA

JULY 2016

July 23rd, 2016: Megaforce Promotions Annual '1O to 10' Fete at Quarantine Point
July 29th, 2016: 'JAB JAB FEST 10' - Venue TBA
July 31st, 2016: 'FREEDOM' All Inclusive Fete - Venue TBA
July 31st, 2016: 'PEOPLE'S CHAMP' Soca Carnival Rumble - Venue TBA


August 1st, 2016: Megaforce Promotions ALL INCLUSIVE Fete at the Rex Grenadian Lawn
August 4th, 2016: 'BIENVENUE' The Official Welcome to Grenada Carnival All Inclusive Ultra Experience - Venue TBA
August 5th, 2016: 'LE CRAVE' Carnival - Venue TBA
August 6th, 2016: 'FLEET' the ALL INCLUSIVE Catamarans Food & Drinks Extravaganza

For Official Spicemas Events visit 


October 29th, 2016: WG Promotions 'ELEVATE II' - Venue TBA

Friday, 15 April 2016

Amazing Colours Model Search will soon yield a winner

By Gerry Hopkin, JD |

NYC; Apr. 12, 2016 ‒ Amazing Colours, the mas band, is redefining the concept of having a build-up to Spice Mas, Grenada's Carnival, as its model search process gains momentum towards a climax of crowning a people's winner. This initiative, led by's director and cultural product developer, Junior George, has been exposing local models to worldwide, prime time visibility.

According to George, "the primary objective of the ongoing grand model search initiative of Amazing Colours is to select the Spice Isles' next face of this relatively new, but popular globally influenced brand of mas, based on the opinions of the social media public across the Diaspora.
Statistically, Amazing Colours has already exposed over 25 talented Grenadian models to over 100,000 eyeballs worldwide. These registered models are vying for the title of Face of Amazing Colours. 

With over 15,000 mobile votes and almost 60,000 social media likes, shares and comments, combined, completed thus far, Amazing Colours is just weeks away from ascertaining the winner. "The name will be revealed in a special live social media broadcast, at a date to be and pre-advertised, after all the results are tallied," says George.

"The winner will be awarded a substantial sum of cash, prizes from sponsors and the official titles of Queen of the Band/Face of Amazing Colours 2016, which would make her an official representative of the organization until Spice Mas 2017," adds George.

The title sponsor of Amazing Colours, the mas band, is Clarke’s Court Rum.

Friday, 18 March 2016

More jobs for Grenadians as 2 Billion dollar project begins in Grenada

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, March 4th, 2016- GIS:  Plans by a Chinese billionaire Investor to construct a multi-complex resort in Mt. Hartman will have an enormous economic impact on all.
The investors have begun the cleanup work for the two billion dollar project, which Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell says will provide jobs and opportunities for many.
He says the company has agreed to invest in a serious training program to ensure they have qualified people on board.
“There is going to be serious economic spin-off for the country whether its agriculture, Tourism development all aspects in the productive sector and work for the young people. There is going to be an ambitious training program preparing the young people for the jobs that will come”, Dr. Mitchell said.
The multi complex resort in Mt. Hartman will include resort apartments, residential areas, a national park, a wellness and medical Centre and Marina village.

Government Information Service

Thursday, 17 March 2016

RGPF Release: Wanted Man – Rondell Jeremiah

Police are seeking the assistance of the public in locating Rondell Jeremiah, 28 years, of La Borie, St. George.

Jeremiah is dark in complexion, approximately five feet six inches in height, medium built with dark brown eyes and black hair.

Anyone seeing Jeremiah or has any information about his whereabouts is asked to get in touch with the nearest Police Station or contact C.I.D. on telephone Nos. 440-3921, 3999, 2266, Police Emergency 911 or St Pauls Police Station at 440-3224.

NB: Jeremiah may be armed and dangerous and should be approached with caution.

Source: Office of Commissioner of Police

Contact: Community Relations Department
440-3764; 405-5324
Date: Thursday 17th March, 2016